About WTT

World recognized experts in tea and tea tourism, the organizers of World Tea Tours were the first to lead commercial tours to China from North America, especially for tea. After extensive travel across China and Taiwan since 1989, the first official China Tea Tour took place in 1997. Since then, the scope of the programs has expanded to include many other countries.  The name World Tea Tours was introduced in 2006. Tour members hail from all across the globe and from all aspects of the tea profession, including avid tea lovers. 

Staff and Team

Dan Robertson (罗丹)- Founder and Tour Leader
Dan is the founder and owner of The Tea House, importers, wholesalers, blenders and packagers of premium teas and accessories from around the world. He graduated from the College of Wooster, Ohio and also owns FRAMEWORK Video & Sound, an educational and documentary film production company. Proficient in Mandarin Chinese, he is a 25 year student and instructor of the martial art and health exercise Tai Ji Quan. It was his career as a film maker that took him to China in the early 1990's where he spent months traveling to tea production areas and interviewing tea experts from all facets of the topic. Besides organizing and leading the World Tea Tours, Dan lectures and writes on various tea topics, teaches the Chinese Gongfu tea ceremony and has produced the DVD The Art of Chinese Tea - The Tea Ceremony.


David Hu - Senior Logistics Coordinator - China Tea Tour
David is a graduate of Nanping University, Fujian China and served as a teacher in Wuyi Shan, Fujian birthplace of oolong tea. His hometown is Yellow Meadow, Fujian which is locally known for its exceptional green teas. He entered the tourism field in the 1980s and has led and organized numerous special interest programs. Originally the national guide, he  now serves as the senior logistics coordinator for the China Tea Tours. 


Wu Jianguo - National Guide - China
Mr. Wu received his tourism training in Fujian and has been leading tours across the country and to other neighboring Asian countries for nearly 20 years. A native of Chaozhou, Guangdong China, he resides in Fuzhou, Fujian. Mr. Wu serves as the national guide for the China Tea Tours.


Zhang Cheng (Robin) - Provincial Guide - Yunnan, China
Robin has led special interest and tea related tours for almost 2 decades. He not only leads Chinese nationals on tea tours around China but also heads Chinese delegations to other countries. He frequently receives foreign guests and is especially knowledgeable on Yunnan culture and tea. He serves as the provincial guide for the China Tea Tours.


Rajiv Lochan - Logistics Liason - Tea Tour of India
Mr. Lochan is the founder and president of Lochan Tea Ltd. and has spent most of his life in tea. His early career was spent in the tea estates in South India's Nilgiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu. He served in several notable tea gardens in Darjeeling and currently oversees the course of Lochan Tea. He is also a recognized tea historian and has appeared on  Chinese television teaching about tea. He and his company have been the pioneers in introducing fine Indian teas into China.


Mithrasena Weragoda - National Guide - Ceylon Tea Tour
Mithra has been serving as national guide for both domestic Sri Lankan as well as foreign groups for over 30 years. Specializing in Sri Lankan history and culture, he shares his extensive knowledge of his homeland with passionate excitement.