Alumni Comments

What things did you like the best?

  • It was magical! Thank you so much for making such a special experience possible.
  • Being with all of the tea people. Picking Dragon Well tea. Visiting tea villages. The mountains!
  • Learning the Tea Ceremony…almost everything!
  • I loved the people, their laughter and the willingness to show us a good time. I was impressed with the people in the tea villages.
  • Everything was fabulous and it doesn’t seem right to separate out bits and pieces.
  • I enjoyed the morning stroll in Beijing, the special dinners with our new friends, the overnight train rides.

 What did you think about the length of the tour?

  • Just long enough.
  • The length of the tour was just right.
  • I think it was beautifully timed.
  • The tour was very well planned (and I have traveled before with tours and without).

 Do you feel the tuition was worth the investment?

  • Yes – always nice if it could be less.
  • I’d stay in less fancy hotels and eat less quantity.
  • I would say that with all the traveling and all the meals and the accommodations, it was a good investment.
  • I believe it was a good value for the money.

 How would you evaluate the tour director and guides?

  • Awesome. Better than awesome.
  • The tour director was a diplomat in trying to keep everyone happy.
  • The national and local guides were very good.
  • The tour director was completely professional – an attentive, knowledgeable, caring and charming person.
  • The national guide was a caring and professional, detail-oriented individual who gave of himself continually throughout the trip.

 Do you have any advice for future members?

  • Don’t take so much stuff.
  • Bring a larger suit case than you think and bring less.

 Would you recommend the tour to others?

  • YES! I already have – as a real experience of tea & Chinese culture.
  • I would recommend the tour to tea lovers with a desire to go on a tour with a small group.
  • Yes, I would and already have.

 What expectations did you have about the trip?

  • I knew it would be great because a previous tour member told me so much about her first trip.
  • My objectives were to observe and learn as much as I could about the “China” tea experience.

 Any other comments?

  • I’d like to go again.
  • The balance of tea vs. tourist activities was ok.
  • I’m so happy I had the opportunity to go with such a fine group.
  • Everyone we came in contact with made us feel “very important and very welcome.”
  • Thank you for a great experience. I came away feeling I learned quite a lot about tea and about China.
  • I was quite surprise that I enjoyed the trip and the tour group as much as I did.