Immersion Programs

Designed for tea professionals and others who are truly passionate about the leaf, these in-depth, intensive, study programs provide unparalleled, hands-on experiences. Each comprehensive course teaches and trains while you live the life of the real tea planters. Develop functional skills and gain the invaluable knowledge that only comes from doing. Learn history, culture, production, cultivation, tasting, trading, research, and more.

Features  Highlights
Study Directly from Experts
Learn Tea History and Culture
Develop Professional Tasting Skills
Train in Tea Picking And Production
Gain Invaluable First Hand Experience
Enjoy Local Tea Customs
Visit The Vibrant Tea Auction
Attend Focused Tea Lectures
Explore Famous Historical Sites
Tour Tea Gardens And Factories

The most world renowned name in India tea is Darjeeling. Highly prized for their marvelous complexity, elegant nuances and enticing aromas,  some Darjeeling teas are the most expensive in the world. On this very unique program, you will study and practice the art of Darjeeling tea making under the tutelage of some of the foremost experts in the field. Visit several tea estates for comparative perspectives and see their special areas of excellence. Attend a private lecture on current issues at the tea research institute. Meet with cornerstone figures in the Darjeeling tea industry to learn tea history, trade, cultivation and production as well as social and ecological topics. Visit a famous tea broker and attend the fast-paced tea auction.  Experience the life of the original tea planters as you roll up your sleeves and spend several days on the picturesque Glenburn tea estate learning each aspect of tea making including plucking, manufacturing, grading, evaluating and packing. Hosted by the Prakash family and staff, rest in the comfort of the estate bungalows, lovingly restored to their original splendor.  More...


Assam is one of the largest tea production areas of the world. It supplies over 55% of India's total tea production and its teas are savored as single estate teas as well as an essential ingredient in world famous blends. The buddy, second flush teas are some of the most sought-after by black tea lovers and appreciated for their rich, malty, sweet and fruity qualities. This program focuses on production, history, propagation and evaluation of these exceptional teas. Work side by side and under the tutelage of tea pickers and managers. Attend the tea auction in Guwahati, one of the largest in the world. Meet with tea brokers and attend classes at the Tea Research Institute to learn the latest in tea production techniques and issues.  More...




Black Dragon is the translation of Oolong and on this program you will explore and delve deep into the world of "semi-oxidized" teas. Ranging inbetween green and black teas, oolongs cover a spectrum from bright and green to nearly black and fruity. Each has its own distinct processing method and character. Fujian Province is the origin of oolongs but styles can vary greatly from North to South. So, we'll start our study in Southern AnXi - famous for Tie Guan Yin and finish in Northern Wuyi Shan - hometown to many teas, especially the darker oolongs known as Rock Tea or Yan Cha. Attend class at Wuyi University as well as receive tutelage in the intricate processing steps from several master tea makers. Lectures include tea bush propagation and developments and daily instruction in tea plucking and factory training.  More...


The fermented teas from Southern Yunnan Province are perhaps China's most unique and ancient teas. Known as Pu Er, named after the historic tea trading town, the distinctive earthy flavors and aromas have intrigued tea connoisseurs for centuries. Some of the earliest teas to be exported beyond China's boarders over the ancient Tea / Horse Road, Pu Er comes in compressed cakes, cones, bricks, bowls, balls and loose forms. Discover the secret production methods and refine your tasting skills as you also study Pu Er history and culture in one of China's most beautiful environments. Study directly from tea experts as you work side-by-side with tea pickers, factory staff and research scientists gaining  functional skills.  More...


On the list of China's 10 most famous teas, most are green teas. On this special program we will experience not only the basics of green tea manufacture but will learn the closely guarded processing methods of two of the most prized of Chinese teas, Long Jing (Dragon Well) and Bi Luo Chun (Green Snail Spring). Study with master tea makers who's families have been making these teas for generations. Centered in the beautiful garden cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou, the agenda includes in depth experience in small and large scale green tea production, history, culture, research and as well as proper tea brewing techniques. Along with the fun filled Shanghai pre-tour, the special post-tour focuses on the famous clay teapots from Yixing, with training in making your own teapot. More...


Tea is said to have been "discovered" in China's Southwest Yunnan Province over 5000 years ago. Yunnan Black tea or "Dian Hong" is one of the most consumed black teas in the world. Held in the prime tea season of early spring, this program takes full advantage of the unique natural environment which inspires a vast range of possibilities in tea making.  Explore the fragrant world of black tea in depth as you learn every aspect of black tea production. Guided by a variety of tea experts, our home will be the tea gardens and factories of Lincang - the cradle of Yunnan black tea. Besides the modern techniques, you will also learn the ancient tea processing methods as well as step into the past on a section of the fabled Tea/Horse Road. More...





Future Planned Immersion Programs:
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Immersion: Taiwan
Immersion: Ceylon
Immersion: Japan
Immersion: China~Green 2
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