Buyer's Sourcing Trips

The Buyer's Sourcing Trips are a series of tours intended for tea business people and buyers who go to the source and seek direct contact with producers and suppliers to acquire teas for their inventory. The itineraries focus on visiting numerous tea processors and farmers in different parts of the country or region. They include minimal general tourism and a significant amount of travel. Trips usually coincide with the tea production seasons and generally run from 10-14 days.

Sample Itinerary - Cost depends on itinerary and dates


Japanese teas are becoming very popular in the Western market but they not as well understood as teas from other regions. Japan produces primarily green teas but there are several types and geographical differences can have a considerable impact on taste. This trip starts in the Southern part of the country on Kyushu which is the first to start tea processing "Shin Cha" - New Tea each spring. Meet with farmers, tour factories and taste, test and potentially purchase teas directly. As the temperatures rise, we'll work our way Northward, ending in Tokyo.

Greens - May
-Places we'll visit include:
Yame, Saga, Ureshino, Fukuoka, Uji, Kyoto, Wazuka, Shizuoka (Okabe, Kikugawa, Makinohara, Kawane).
-Teas covered include:
Sen Cha, Gyokuro, Mat Cha, Kuki Cha, Houji Cha, Ban Cha, Kamairi Cha, Tamaryoku Cha, Black tea, Kona Cha, etc.



China is the birthplace of tea and is the world's largest producer. It also produces the most types of teas including green, white, yellow, oolong, black and fermented. Each region is known for its unique terroir and flavor attributes. Meet with different tea producers across China and find new sources as well as new products.

Oolongs - October

-Places we'll visit inlcude: Chaozhou (Phoenix Mtn.), Anxi, Wuyi Shan
-Teas covered include: Dan Cong, Tie Guan Yin, Ben Shan, Mao Xie, Huang Jing Gui, Ro Gui, Shui Xian, Da Hong Pao, Tie Luo Han and other rock teas. 

Greens / Whites - April
-Places we'll visit include: Hangzhou, Suzhou, Huang Shan, Jiangxi, Fuding, Guizhou, Ya An
-Teas covered include: Dragon Well, Bi Luo Chun, Mao Jian, Mao Feng, Taiping Houkui, Topaz, Silver Needle, White Peony, Bamboo Leaf, Yellow Bud, etc.

Blacks / Pu Er - May
-Places we'll visit include: Qimen (Keemun), Wuyi Shan, Kunming, Lin Cang, Feng Qing, Menghai, etc.
-Teas covered include: Qimen, Lapsang Souchong, Jin Jun Mei, Golden Monkey, Tanyang Gongfu, Dian Hong (Yunnan Blacks), Pu Er, etc. 

India / Nepal
India is the second largest tea producer and is home to some of the most exceptional teas. Making primarily black teas, India has also been producing green teas, oolongs and some unique specialty teas. The areas around the Himalaya mountians which also include Nepal, are known for their complex first flush flavors while Assam and the Nilgiris are know for their strength and depth. Visit many of the top tea estates as well as several lesser know gardens to taste, test and acquire these sought after teas. In many cases we'll stay in the bungalows on the estates.
-Places we'll visit include:
Darjeeling, Ilam, Nilgiri
-Teas covered include: Black teas, green teas, oolong teas, etc.

Sri Lanka
Ceylon teas are world famous and there are several regions from which they come. Generally divided by growing altitude there are three main ranges; low-grown, mid-grown and high grown. Due to the unique geography and weather patterns, the different regions have different "flavor" seasons. Visit several estates across the country and find must have teas as well as some very special ones made in small amounts.

-Places we'll visit include:
Colombo, Dimbula, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Uva, Ratnapura 
-Teas covered include: Black teas, green teas, oolong teas, etc.


These 10-14 day tours are filled with opportunities to make direct contacts with tea producers and purchase teas. Compare and contrast teas from different regions, seasons and grades and develop expert understanding of the targeted regions and teas. Due to the unique nature of these programs, space is limited, so please make your reservations early. Costs and trip durations vary depending on destination.